Thursday, November 26, 2009

BBEdit and ExtendScript

Quick tidbit for my fellow ExtendScripters. I am using BBEdit as my main text editor on Mac OS X, and I've set it so .jsx files are seen as JavaScript files. That adds lot of nice features that are also handy when working on an ExtendScript.

But when I am working on an ExtendScript, there is this little annoying thing: each time I started typing


followed by a return, BBEdit's auto-completion would kick in and convert it to something like

function() { ... },,

Gaah! I didn't want that!

One of these minor annoyances - not enough to spend time on, got code to write, right?

But eventually, I got annoyed enough so I did the Right Thing and looked into it.

It's simple enough to clear up:

In the Finder, go to your home folder

Go into Library, then Application Support, then BBEdit, then Clippings, then JavaScript.js, then Prototype, then get rid of the file called Try.these

Oh bliss! It's like removing a pesky pebble from your shoe!

Some time later, I'll look into creating a proper 'try - catch' autocompletion that matches my ExtendScript behavior, but for now, just getting rid of this is just great!