Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GetURLs.jsx - access HTTP content from InDesign ExtendScript

Note added 9-May-2017: I've revisited GetURL and made a more modern version. More info here:


In 2008, I created a sample InDesign ExtendScript called GetURLs.jsx. GetURLs.jsx is a limited http client; it allows you to fetch http URLs straight from an InDesign ExtendScript.
I used the script as sample material to demonstrate a programming technique (state machines).
It turned out the script was quite popular in its own right; I've been adding little tweaks to it over time.
The latest version has been enhanced to handle redirections (when the server returns a status code HTTP 1.0/301 Moved Permanently). Hope it works for you!

The original blog post is here:

and the download link is here:



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